“The Point Resort”, “Beside The Point” and “The Crow's Nest” are trademarked names for an approved floating resort, marine pub & restaurant to be anchored in Galiano Bay on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. With the construction and installation of “The Point” projects, Nutka Landing Corp. (NLC) will have created a destination resort that will embrace the growing recreational eco-tourism, and sports fishing industry.

The mission of NLC is to create a first class retreat which will provide the only conference facility in historic Nootka Sound. The developers of NLC will provide world-class accommodation and services to the guests, owners and visitors to “The Point Resort”, “Beside The Point” and “The Crow's Nest”. NLC has secured partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to complete this task in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

Since its inception, NLC has enjoyed a valuable relationship with numerous industry leaders in marine, resort design and construction. The ongoing input and support from these parties in addition to close friends, associates and sub-trades has assisted NLC in its direction to complete the conditions, approvals, permits and licenses with the understanding of the logistics and costs associated with this project to bring it to a successful reality.

In this fast growing industry, NLC will stand out as a leader in floating resort technology, comfort, service and sustainability. ‘The Point Resort’ will enter the popular British Columbia resort and charter fishing industry as the only facility in Nootka Sound to offer both conference and recreation resort facilities. Combined with ‘Beside The Point,’ a pub and restaurant.